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My problem has now started a year ago when I visitate department Sqare One Mall to clean my gold watch Croton brand value of $ 4000.After being cleaned from one month a pin jumpt from the belt and the croan too ($ 125).

I indors the same department where I talked to store manager (Regina Mckennon) about my problem, the clock was in warranty but I paid anyway . The manager said that it is not there fault . $ 40. After 2 more months of repairs the pin replaced jumped from mine wach again.

Another fault for wich i had to pay. 3 months after the last repair the croan broke again . Today I visited the department in Square One Mall for a 4 th time. where the manager say that is nothing.wrong with the croan ( I do not go well) ..

but before I left , was cleared I "m right. the croan was bad.

With a bad attitude took the wach back again for repair ...Do i pay something after my watch has been destroyed by them?

Review about: Belden Jewelers Repair.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Peabody, Massachusetts, United States #938539

First of all, your spelling is not correct. How can anyone take this review seriously?

Columbus, Ohio, United States #936161

Galleria Mall-

Mens wedding ring was purchased 8/18 and never shipped to us.

I purchased a mens wedding ring which was held by the store until the correct size came in...

It took forever for them to finally confirm it was in and it would be shipped to a store local to me- (I had moved since then), I waited a while but never got that call from the closer store to me- when i called to find out they said nothing had come in...

During all this- somehow the store claims a new manager was brought in and EVERY employee from August has been fired- AND THEY HAVE NO SURVEILLANCE!!!!!

I have been trying to resolve this with the new manager "Rachel" but in the end she just told me she wont be replacing the ring they so stupidly lost.She had me convinced for 2 months that she was going to make sure this got fixed & we got the merchandise we PAID FOR and NEVER RECEIVED.


I visited the location at Cambridge and recieved wonderful customer service! I needed a piece repaired and he was very willing to meet my needs. I was happy with the results I got and will definantly go back for more of my jewelery needs.


I would like to comment on the above statement.I have dealt with Belden Jewelers and manager Regina McKennon on several occasions.

The woman is simply a treasure. Extremely professional and knowledgeable about Jewelry presentation and service.

I will continue to do business with her because she treats me well.:p






I visited the Kay jewelers at the cambridge side galleria mall and was helped by Adam Kale.I needed a repair done on a ring that was passed down to me by my aunt.

It was very special to me.

Adam made me feel very comfortable and relaxed about sending it out.When I got it back everything he told that would be done was done to it and it was a wonderful experience!


I went into Beldens Jewlers at the Square One Mall, where I was greeted very politely by the manager (Regina McKennon).I had an issue with my watch not working properly.

The manager, in a very pleasant and professional manner, explained both the repair procedure and cost of the repair which was very reasonable.I am very happy with my service and will happily return.

karen in pa.
Windsor, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom #212072

Belden Jewelers in Reading Pa. Likes to lose stones and just says "Sorry nothing I can do about it".


yikes you really need to go to school to learn to write & speak english, I didnt get 1 thing you were talking about on here.

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